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Alberto S. Gallerani, M.D.

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American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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Alberto S. Gallerani, MD - Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon an expert in 'Complex cosmetic corrections" of the face, breasts and body pioneers foreign material/ Silicone removal to save patients' lives.

Silicone injections are an underground epidemic, often with life-threatening complications. Women and Men who seek out these illegal injections to augment their buttocks, lips, breasts, calves or hips are putting themselves at inevitable risk for complications from the foreign material such as disfigurement, pain, itching, discoloration of the skin, emotional distress and a host of medical issues, which could possibly accelerated by hormonal changes, virus, or pregnancy. The only solution Is surgical removal, and board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Alberto S. Gallerani, MD, is an internationally recognized expert in 'Complex Cosmetic Corrections" of the Face, Breast and Body (Fixing Botched Surgery) With unparalleled experience performing foreign material/silicone removal.

Women/Men who undergo "Silicone injections" often receive them in the back rooms of salons and spas, hotels, and at a trusted friend's home most likely at the hands of an "Aestheticians" or so called "Doctor" with bogus credentials, usually from a foreign country. Oftentimes, these women aren't even injected with medical grade silicone (Which is not FDA approved for cosmetic use), and Dr. Gallerani has operated and bioposied on patients who have been filled with cooking oil, massage oil, liquid rubber, rubber cement, and even different forms of glue. Word of mouth gets them to these unscrupulous providers, and a vast majority of these women experience devastating side effects--though few ever talk about it. Serious pain and infection prompt these patients to turn to Dr. Gallerani, who has become a crusader against illegal silicone injections-- and The World's Preeminent Expert for Silicone/Illegal Injection Removal.

Dr. Gallerani sees countless patients who have undergone multiple rounds of injections, which only amplifies unwanted side effects and increases risk of aesthetic and health consequences. Other plastic surgeons may attempt to use liposuction, cold laser, cool sculpting, vaser lipo, smart lipo, ultrasound, radio frequency or similar means to remove the foreign material (Silicone or Biopolymer)--With disastrous results. Liposuction that utilizes heat, ultrasound or other energies that liquefy fat only makes matters worse. Dr. Gallerani's technique involves a deep plain excision to remove the foreign material safely, while preserving the post-operative appearance of the treated area. If necessary, Dr. Gallerani can use fat transfer to safely augment the buttock six to twelve months after foreign material (Silicone/Biopolymer) has been removed.

Dr. Gallerani is recognized as the preeminent expert in foreign material (Silicone - Biopolymer - Hydrogel - Hylaform, etc.) removal world-wide and he frequently lectures at International Medical Meetings to share his technique with other surgeons from around the world. His cosmetic correction courses are often the most attended at a variety of conferences, which proves how pervasive this unspoken epidemic has become. Due to the lack of concrete statistics surrounding illegal silicone and its removal, Dr. Gallerani has started compiling statistics that will bring this widespread problem to the forefront of Aesthetic Medicine.

Meet the Team

Medici Institute and the office of Dr.Gallerani's is located in the "City of Excellence" Aventura/Miami, Florida. The beautiful modern office is equipped with the latest in Medical Technology and is located on the Aventura Hospital and Medical Center Campus. Dr. Gallerani is on staff at the most prestigious Hospitals in the area. The staff is extremely professional, compassionate, non judgmental and highly trained in all aspects of patient care and safety. Our staff speaks English and Spanish fluently. Patient confidentiality and privacy are rigorously maintained. We are empathetic and sympathetic to our patients needs, and patient safety above all. We welcome all of your questions and concerns. Please contact the office so we may help you achieve your desired goals. 305 933-6545


Dr. Alberto S. Gallerani




Di Perez

Surgical Technologist/Medical Assistant

Di has been with Medici Institute for the past 4 years, and is an invaluable member of our team. She is highly trained and qualified in all aspects of surgery, patient care and safety. She has the utmost compassion and empathy for all of our patients, and upholds patient confidentiality. She is bilingual in English and Spanish.


Maryann B. Boger




Paola Enriquez

Patient Coordinator/Front Desk

Paola has come to us from FIU and studied in Public and Health Administration and Criminal Justice. She is the friendly face and voice at our front desk and will help you coordinate your surgical procedures from the first phone call for your consultation, to booking your surgeries, and all of your follow ups. Paola is fluent in both English and Spanish and Sign language for the hearing impaired. You can reach her at the front desk at (305) 933-6545 for your consultation appointment or any questions or concerns you may have

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Please Contact our office immediately if you have had a Botched Cosmetic Procedure.

Our Office number is (305) 933-6545